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Home Staging Minneapolis Video – Finally 1st Page Ranking

It’s taken a while, but this morning the video I prepared for Shar Sitter finally creeped on to the first page of Google Search Results for the term, Home Staging Minneapolis.

Originally created on January 29th, it has taken 76 days to get to the last position on the page. Not exactly overnight success. I did promise to report on my progress though, and I am fulfilling that commitment with a point.

This is not easy. While in some markets, I have been able to get videos to rank in just days, sometimes just hours, it doesn’t always go so smoothly.

In this case, there already was another prior video with the very same name also created for Shar by another vendor, and I think that had a major impact on my results.

There is also a fair amount of other competition in the area for first page rankings, again in part because Shar and others have taken their online marketing seriously, here in Minneapolis.

The good news for me, is that I have had to scramble and come up with additional tricks and techniques to help muscle this video forward.

We grow by overcoming obstacles. I have been doing my best to pick up ideas and techniques from others in the field, and there are a number of good teachers out there.  (drop me an email at enetwal @ and I will send you info on two courses I can recommend if you are interested in learning how to do your own youtube/video marketing)

The Home Staging Minneapolis video sitting at number 10 on the first page is not likely to deluge Shar with more business than she can handle. But it does give her one more showing on the first page of Google results, and in effect squeezes one of her competitors off the first page.

Over time, the steps I have taken to propel this video to the first page should continue to help move it further up the page, where it will be seen even more often.

That’s when it will really begin to pay off.

In Shar’s case, as I have already implied, she already shows up multiple times on the first page of a search for Home Staging Minneapolis.  You want to do the same thing in your market if you can.

The more times you appear on the results, the more likely your prospective new clients will see you. Even more importantly, the more often they see you on the first page of results the more they will be pre-sold on the fact that you are the premier home stager in your community.

They are far more likely to accept that you are an expert, far less likely to quibble about your fees.  You will have an definite edge over your competitors as a result.

So, bottom line, in some markets I can get a video made and ranked for you in short order. In some markets, it may take significantly longer. Know this, if you are in a larger market, I may need to charge a bit more for the effort upfront, but I will not charge the monthly maintenance fee until you are clearly established on the first page of Google results.


Proof That Online Video Marketing Grabs Eyeballs

Online Video Marketing Grabs Eyeballs

I have been promoting my online video marketing services to Home Staging Professionals and others.  I have claimed that the visibility of the video thumbnail in search results draws eyes to the video. But until now did not have any definitive proof of that fact. Now I do.

——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-

The material below was taken from a blog post on and in turn reported on work done by SEO strategists Matt Green (@MChuckGreen) and John Van Bockern (@JohnEVanBockern) from Ethical SEO Consulting.

——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-     ——-      ——-     ——-     ——-

The researchers started with a sample search for New York Accident Lawyer.

An internet savvy group of subjects was given the following task and instructions:

You need to find a car accident lawyer in New York. You Google search “New York Car Accident Lawyer”. Which result do you click first?

Then, the top four results of a Google search page appeared. The first set of 100 respondents saw results below that included no media snippet and looked like this:

Original Test Page

Using heat map technology, the researchers were able to see where the test subjects eyes focused, which not surprisingly confirmed that the top listing was the most likely to get noticed.

Heat Map Without Videos

Heat Map Without Videos

The actual number of clicks received paralleled those results as shown on the pie chart below.

Percentage of Clicks

In the second scenario, the chart was identical, except that the thumbnail of a video was added to the third result. The top listing again dominated, but more attention was drawn down lower on the page.

Heat Map with Video In #3 Position

As seen below, the percentage of people clicking on the top listing dropped dramatically, and the third place listing gained significantly more clicks.

Clicks with Video thumbnail in #3 position

Clicks with Video in #3 position

Now the study goes on to demonstrate that a rich snippet for authorship does even better than video in this particular test. However, as the authors point out, the test has its limitations. Specifically, the test subjects tended to be more internet savvy than the general population, and the results for New York Car Accident Attorney may vary from what searchers might do when searching for a Home Stager in your town.

If you are interested in getting more people to look at your skills when they are searching for a home stager you should consider my Online Video Marketing service.

Not only does Online Video Marketing get more eyeballs, a video provides a great way to tell your story. People are used to watching TV and a well done, short video can be an excellent way to get them to take action and call you.

I can help you rank your own existing video or create one for you. But no matter how powerful your video, or excellent your home staging skills, it will do you no good, if no one see the video or learns about your skills.

And that is what online video marketing can do for you.







Home Staging Seattle Area Home Stagers on Page One

Home Staging Seattle results

As part of my outreach effort to home stagers, I did a survey of the Seattle Washington Home Stagers that showed up on the first page of Google results for the term, “Home Staging Seattle”  I then followed up with the same search for 14 adjacent communities in the Greater Metropolitan area, including Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent and down the line in terms of population to end with Shoreline and Kirkland.

A total of 26 home staging firms appeared and it’s to those 26 that I am sending this email.

Several appeared on the first page for multiple cities.

Of the group, was most visible, showing up in many cities organic results and in virtually all via pay per click advertising.  While they were highly visible, their website has a fatal flaw, that I will discuss with them directly,

Also doing at least some pay per click advertising were:

Pay per click advertising is the easiest way, to get visibility online for a business. I manage campaigns for a number of advertisers. It’s effective and need not be all that expensive if done correctly.

But there are other ways to be seen online and these include organic search results, and most importantly Google Places and/or Google Plus Business pages.

There is yet another option, that is even more effective, that I call YouTube Video Placement, which trumps all of them, but I will get to that later.

The Most Visible Home Stagers

The following three home staging firms were the most visible showing up in from 5-8 of the communities I searched.

Next Most Visible Home Staging Listings

The next group of firms showed up three or four times in my search through the 15 communities.

Showing Up Once or Twice

Now the Seattle metro area is a large one,and Tacoma and Lakewood aren’t exactly next door to the Everett – Marysville area, so it makes sense that most of you will want to focus your marketing activities to your part of the region.

Seattle Area Map

Now while all of these home staging companies showed up on Google search results, I suspect several of them would have liked to have better visibility. The name of the game is to show up in every town in your market area, and when you show up, to do so in such a way as to grab the searchers attention.

This is where Home Stager A is in direct competition with Home Stager B, even if they are professional friends. While some Realtors, or Home Owners or Builders may check out multiple competing firms, some will only check out one or two, going until they find someone they decide to call.

As a home stager, you want to be sure you are in that list, and if that list is only one or two stagers long, it’s critical that you make into that selection or you will have no chance to land that staging gig.

That’s one of the reasons, my new done for you YouTube video service is so valuable. The thumbnail Google displays on the Search results page all but guarantees that you will be seen, and most likely added to your prospects shopping list.

The video also makes you stand out dramatically, which adds to your credibility as a marketer.

And the approach can be targeted to multiple cities. If you want, we can create videos for all 15 cities the region, or just 2 or 3 to meet your particular market focus.

To learn more about this dynamic new way to market to the Home Staging Seattle area go to: or click on online video marketing.



YouTube Video Marketing For Stage It Hawaii

YouTube Video Marketing Goes Hawaiian

We just posted two new videos on YouTube today, for Rein Hollar of Stage It Hawaii.

One Video focuses on Kailua, Hawaii and the other on Hawaii Kai both on the island of Oahu.

Rein Hollar in addition to being a top notch home stager, is also a Realtor who has parlayed his Staging Skills into a major asset to his real estate marketing.

He particularly likes to do vacant properties as he has Oahu’s largest selection of high quality furniture and accent pieces. As shown in the videos, he does high end properties. One of which was a $3.2 million penthouse that was languishing on the market until Rein Staged it.

In Rein’s situation, we are leading with home staging to attract prospects into his listing funnel. The value of home staging is clearly demonstrated and proven with his spectacular guarantee.

If he is unable to sell a property that he stages and lists within 45 days, he reduces his commission from 6% to 5%.

Now that’s a guarantee that says something to prospective sellers.

The two videos are essentially the same, although the careful observer will note that the images are in different order in the two videos. Just part of the effort to make them different enough so they both are able to rank on Google, which is the goal of this project.


 For information on how you can get your home staging company more clients through this dramatic home staging marketing tactic go to:

Quick YouTube Video Marketing Success

We didn’t expect it, but managed to get the “Home Staging Hawaii Kai” video to rank #2 on Google within 3 hours. Not too shabby!  Turns out we are also doing pretty well for “Home Staging Oahu” and “Home Staging Hawaii” as well although not on the first page – yet!

Our technique is powerful and effective. If you would like to gain superior visibility in your market be sure to contact us for more information on how we can help you dominate your local home staging marketplace with YouTube Video Marketing.

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Grabbing Eyeballs – How To Stage Your Home Staging Business

You are a professional Home Stager.

You know, it’s about presentation, when you prepare a home for sale or resale.

So too, it’s about presentation for your business. And just as curb appeal is part of the equation when you market a home, so too it’s curb appeal when you market your business.

There is no denying that a significant portion of the market place finds their home stager by doing an online search. Most people (70%) use Google according to industry stats. So it makes sense to be sure to maximize your “curb appeal” on Google.

And now there is a way to do just that. And it’s both easy and affordable.

I’ve done my testing, I’ve proven my point and now I am rolling out my “Done For You” YouTube Video Placement Service.

I would love you to be one of my first success stories. Won’t you take a few minutes to read about it and watch the videos I have prepare on my main blog page:

If you have any questions about it, please email me at and put “home staging Video Questions” in your subject line, and I will get back to you ASAP.


YouTube Video Marketing: Building Versions of Videos

I was able to Rank Allegra Dioguadia’s video “Home Staging Southampton NY 631-899-3305” overnight.  Part of the reason for that success was the fact that relatively few people were targeting the specific town of Southampton.

That is the beauty of going after multiple small markets and essentially using the same video over and over again, with minor variations for different towns or geographies.

In the video below, that is basically all I did. I changed references to Southampton to The Hamptons and made a couple of other minor changes.

The biggest change I actually did make was redoing the description that I put behind the video when I uploaded it to YouTube and the Title Tags I used.

This is more important as YouTube and Google will notice and penalize what they see as duplicate content if it is exactly or substantially the same.

Here is the newest version for The Hamptons.


As you can see, it is essentially the same as the video done for Southampton.

Now one other detail. When you upload a video to YouTube, they give you three choices for the thumbnail. Since we made virtually no changes to the video, we usually get the same choices for the second and subsequent videos. I usually use a different thumbnail, because what will often happen is that both videos will rank for some searches. This doubles the chances that a prospect will watch your video, maybe twice.

Multiple videos in addition to any organic listing you have and perhaps a Google Local listing will make it appear as though you are the dominate Home Stager in your market place in Google’s eyes, and that is credibility that will translate into more phone calls and gigs for you.

Plus, it tends to shove one of your competitors off the first page of Google results. I hope you don’t feel too bad about that.

Update:  It is now five hours since the new version of the video went live, for The Hamptons, arguably a larger and harder geography to rank for.  We are certainly not on the top of the page yet, but we did make it to the bottom of the first page of Google already and are optimistic that we will climb to the top in due course.

Especially now that we have corrected one of the errors we were making in our promotion efforts.

YouTube Video Marketing Home Staging Hamptons Results

First Page, Just Barely, but First Page in 5 Hours!

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New Video For Southampton NY Home Staging Company

Home Staging Video Marketing :  Southampton NY

The newest effort in my ongoing experiment with video marketing for home stagers has just been uploaded to YouTube on behalf of Award Winning Home Stager Allegra Dioguardi of Styled & Sold Home Staging.

The video targets the city of Southampton in The Hamptons, Long Island NY, and features a high end contemporary home she staged last year.

The video mentions Awards she has won that will be familiar to her local market and show a number of before and after pictures, but again, I stress, the purpose of the videos is not just the video itself, but getting the video to appear on the first page of a search for the search term, “home staging Southampton, NY”

This may take a few hours, days or weeks. When it happens, I will post it here.


Well the video has been up for a while now and the good news is that it is ranking at the top of the first page of Google results for the keyword, “Home Staging Southampton NY” in less than 15 hours. It actually showed up in 11 hours, but did not display the video thumbnail right away.  Part of the beauty of this effort is the visibility of the thumbnail and the way it draws visitors eyes to the listing. Thus I don’t brag about the earlier time.

Now let me be clear. It can take days or even weeks to actually appear, depending up0n the market and the competition in any given community, and the ever changing vagaries of the Google gods.

Home Staging Video Marketing Success

Top of Goggle in 15 Hours!

To get your own video and have it ranked on the top of Google for your favorite city or cities go to Home Staging Video Marketing or send an email to with Home Staging Video in the Title .


Home Staging Video Marketing Test Update

Home Staging Video Marketing

Three days ago, I created a new version of the video I successfully ranked for Shar Sitter of Rooms with Style for the Keyword Home Staging Lakeville MN.

You will remember we were able to rank for that video on the top of Google in less than an hour. It’s much harder to do so in major cities where the competition is stiffer, but we are still optimistic that we will eventually succeed in getting the video to show for the term “Home Staging Minneapolis.”  This would be a big plus for Shar, for while she is one of the region’s top home stagers, she is geographically located in an area that Google considers to be part of the St Paul, Minnesota market and that is a bit of a marketing disadvantage for her. She dominates Google Plus listings in the St Paul area, but doesn’t show as well in the larger Minneapolis market.

While we are not quite there, at three days out, we are ranking for the term “Home Staging Minneapolis Vacant.”  Now this is not the every day keyword people would ordinarily focus on, but it is the type of thing a knowledgeable client who routinely sells new construction or other vacant properties might search for.

Within internet marketing circles keyword phrases like this are called “long tail keywords. ” They are especially sought after as they may have fewer people searcher for them, and far fewer if anyone competing for them. What makes them especially valuable is that they are often keywords that the people using them are far more likely to actually be buyers.

So while relatively few people will search for a home stager for vacant properties in Minneapolis, those who do will be pleased to find Shar’s video and to know that she specializes is staging vacant properties. And for them the fact that Shar now shows up on the first page of Google is good news and it is for Shar as well.

home staging video marketing

Again, I like to point out how the thumbnail image makes the video stand out. Even though the video is the number two listing, the odds are that it will actually get more eyeballs than the top organic listing.   Also note, that the phone number has been placed in the Title of the video and also in the beginning of the description, so people will have it whether they click and watch the video or not.

In addition to doing this experiment with Shar Sitter, I have agreed to do a video and attempt a placement with Allegra Dioguardi for Southhampton, Long Island, NY.  I am open to doing one more free experiment as part of my preliminary prmotion efforts before officially marketing this video marketing service full bore come March or thereabouts.

If you are interested in having me work with you in your community, get an email to me ASAP. Time is running out. I am taking a long vacation to thaw out starting Valentines day and I will want time to create your video, and get it ranked before I leave. I’d prefer a West Coast or Southern locale, but am open to consider others if I don’t get a good response by Wednesday the 6th.

To participate email me at and I will send you the details.

Put “Home Staging Video” in the Subject so I don’t delete you by accident.




Home Staging Video Placement In a Larger Market

Home Staging Marketing Videos

I was able to get a video for Rooms with Style to appear in a suburban community in less than an hour. But will I be able to do so in Minneapolis or other major cities?  Probably not as easily and certainly not as fast.

The competition for ranking will be much stiffer, and it will take a lot more effort to succeed, but I am optimistic. I have had instances where it has taken three to four weeks to rank businesses in various niches, and one where I was never able to crack the first page of Google results.

That’s just the way it is sometimes. The video I am using is virtually identical to the one I ranked for Lakeville, Mn except that I used a different template, which gives the video a different feel. I also changed the title of course and made some modifications to the description.

Again, while the video content is important, the purpose of these videos is not the video as much as it is the capturing of eyeballs on the Google search engine results page.




Home Seller Basics: What is Home Staging?

Home Seller Basics: What is staging?

What is home staging and how do you do it?

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Kym Hough on ZipTV About Home Staging

In this video professional Home Stager Kym Hough, working with Zip Realty provides a great intro into home staging that they in turn put on YouTube.

Creating such a video is not difficult, and the results can be astounding. While you won’t necessarily be swamped for autographs at the shopping mall, you will be perceived as an expert by most of the people who see the video. this in turn will give you a distinct competitive advantage in your market.

ZipTV Home Staging

Zip TV whats new in real estate, right now In todays market, many homes are taking a longer time to sell than they probably would have a few years ago, or they arent selling at all. ZipTV has the scoop: we tell you the top two ways you can turn your …

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Home Staging Tips For Living Rooms

The Living Room is typically the first room buyers see when they enter your home. As such it is critical in helping buyers form a positive first impression. Here are some home staging video tips from HGTV for living rooms.

Home Staging: Living Room Staging Tips

Stage your living to attract homebuyers. Living Room’s are often the first space that a homebuyer views when walking through the front door. First impressions are crucial when selling your home. Start with a blank canvas and start removing everything…

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Home Staging Video from the UK

Here is a Home Staging Video from the UK, I found on You tube. If you have a blog for your home staging business, you should feel free to use Youtube as a source of material to add interest to your blog as I do in mine.

Home Staging

How home staging can get a house sold in double quick time. Expert Tina Jesson gives us her tips.