Online Video Marketing for Home Stagers:
Video Grabs Eyeballs

Effective Online Video Marketing Will Fill Your Pipeline With

Home Staging Clients Eager To Hire YOU!

The Secret is Getting More Eyeballs On You

And The Great Work YOU Do!

Here’s How…

Capture Your Prospects Eyeballs

The Magic Formula for Home Staging Marketing: AIDA

A = Attention I = Interest D = Desire A = Action

No matter where or how you prospect for new clients, the first step is getting their attention. Only then can you begin to interest them in your Home Staging Services, build their desire and finally get them to take action and hire you.How are you going to do that? Simple, by grabbing your prospective clients eyeballs and making them focus on YOU!  As YOU are about to learn – this page is about how to stage your home staging business on Google with a powerful Home Staging Marketing Tactic: Video Search Engine Optimization.

But First Why Bother?

Simple … Online Video Advertising Can Get More New Home Staging Clients:

Always Looking for new Home Staging Clients

One of the Biggest Advantages of YouTube Video Search Engine Optimization is the fact that Google usually shows a thumbnail of the video that grabs people eyeballs and virtually forces your prospects to look at your listing.

Home Staging Video Marketing Success

Top of Goggle in 15 Hours!

It’s About Being Seen!

The screen shot to the left, shows the first page of Google for the search “Home Staging Southampton NY.”

Notice how the video thumbnail grabs your attention.  That’s what I mean when I say grabbing eyeballs. There are other listings and ads to look at on the page, and you may look at them as well, but you will look at this one for sure. And when you create a marketing video – you want it to be seen.

The other takeaway is that we were able to get this particular video to rank in less than 15 hours. And in this case, not only did it rank on the first page, it grabbed the very top spot under the paid ads!

What Might Your Video Look Like?

The key to the video is that it be presentable and have a clear call to action, specifically telling the viewer to call you.  I will use 6-12 images you send me or which I pull from your existing website and convert them into a video as in the following examples.

If you have specific awards, certifications etc, you want highlighted that can be accommodated. The key is to keep these videos as short as possible though. People have very short attention spans. The examples below are almost too long.

Keep in mind the primary goal is to show up on the Google Search Results. However you do want your video to sell your prospects on calling you.

Once you are talking to them, you can sell them on having you do the staging. Don’t confuse the two. The purpose of your online video marketing is not to sell your staging, it’s to sell the phone call to you so you can sell your services. Clear?

The marketing video above was created for Shar Sitter – Rooms With Style

The advertising video below was created for Allegra Dioguardi – Styled & Sold

And this internet video advertising video was done for Rein Hollar – Stage It Hawaii

Here’s what they had to say:

Allegra Dioguardi, Styled & SoldThank you Earl! I have had so many complements on this! Southampton was the only town in my area that I wasn’t ranking high in. Now I am #1!! – Allegra Dioguardi – Styled & Sold

Shar Sitter, Rooms with StyleEarl did such a great job creating this video and is wonderful to work with.  These are great results in a short period of time and I am very pleased! Great work Earl! Great video and great results.   -Shar Sitter – Rooms With Style

Thanks again for such a quick and professional presentation for my campaign. I am already seeing traffic on my real estate website coming from by staging website. I have no doubt that people are going to my staging site due to the Youtube video and then using my “button” on the site to go to my real estate site. Thanks again, it is a very reasonable investment for the return I am receiving. Mahalo again. – Rein Hollar – Stage It Hawaii

So How Do You Get Your Own Marketing Videos Made and Then Ranked?

To participate you will need to pay a one time set up charge of $177 which will cover the creation of one video which can be easily reworked and used for multiple cities down the line as we will be targeting these city by city in your market area. If you wish, I will create a version of the video for a second or third city at the same time.

As a general rule, I recommend that you pick your top three non urban center cities (suburban) for this purpose and blanket them all.

I will create the video(s) and send you a review copy for your approval. After making any required edits I will post the video on an “Optimized” YouTube Account which helps get Your Video the Google love it needs to show up on a Google Search in your town.

I will then begin my behind the scenes promotion work which will get your video ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword, “Home Staging *your town*”  For example, “Home Staging Minneapolis MN” or “Home Staging The Hamptons.”

I reserve the right to not accept any town with a population of more than 250,000, although I will consider it. Simply put, the cost of ranking a town with a lot of competition if significantly more than that for most suburban towns.

Monthly Maintenance Fee

In addition to the one time start up charge, there will be a monthly maintenance fee of $47 a month.  The billing for this will start once we have your video showing on the first page of Google results. These monthly funds are used to pay for the ongoing support required to keep your video ranking on the top of Google.

You will be billed automatically via a Paypal subscription. You will be able to cancel at any time should you desire. I am confident though that you will discover this to be your most cost effective advertising on a day in day out basis. But should I be wrong, you will be able to cancel, and I will take your video down and we will part ways friends.

To sign up now click on the Subscribe button below.


By the way, I offer a 100% guarantee on the front end set up fees. If I am unable to rank your video or if you hate the video I create for you, just say so, and I will return your funds in full.

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