Home Staging Minneapolis Video – Finally 1st Page Ranking

It’s taken a while, but this morning the video I prepared for Shar Sitter finally creeped on to the first page of Google Search Results for the term, Home Staging Minneapolis.

Originally created on January 29th, it has taken 76 days to get to the last position on the page. Not exactly overnight success. I did promise to report on my progress though, and I am fulfilling that commitment with a point.

This is not easy. While in some markets, I have been able to get videos to rank in just days, sometimes just hours, it doesn’t always go so smoothly.

In this case, there already was another prior video with the very same name also created for Shar by another vendor, and I think that had a major impact on my results.

There is also a fair amount of other competition in the area for first page rankings, again in part because Shar and others have taken their online marketing seriously, here in Minneapolis.

The good news for me, is that I have had to scramble and come up with additional tricks and techniques to help muscle this video forward.

We grow by overcoming obstacles. I have been doing my best to pick up ideas and techniques from others in the field, and there are a number of good teachers out there.  (drop me an email at enetwal @ gmail.com) and I will send you info on two courses I can recommend if you are interested in learning how to do your own youtube/video marketing)

The Home Staging Minneapolis video sitting at number 10 on the first page is not likely to deluge Shar with more business than she can handle. But it does give her one more showing on the first page of Google results, and in effect squeezes one of her competitors off the first page.

Over time, the steps I have taken to propel this video to the first page should continue to help move it further up the page, where it will be seen even more often.

That’s when it will really begin to pay off.

In Shar’s case, as I have already implied, she already shows up multiple times on the first page of a search for Home Staging Minneapolis.  You want to do the same thing in your market if you can.

The more times you appear on the results, the more likely your prospective new clients will see you. Even more importantly, the more often they see you on the first page of results the more they will be pre-sold on the fact that you are the premier home stager in your community.

They are far more likely to accept that you are an expert, far less likely to quibble about your fees.  You will have an definite edge over your competitors as a result.

So, bottom line, in some markets I can get a video made and ranked for you in short order. In some markets, it may take significantly longer. Know this, if you are in a larger market, I may need to charge a bit more for the effort upfront, but I will not charge the monthly maintenance fee until you are clearly established on the first page of Google results.


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