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As part of my outreach effort to home stagers, I did a survey of the Seattle Washington Home Stagers that showed up on the first page of Google results for the term, “Home Staging Seattle”  I then followed up with the same search for 14 adjacent communities in the Greater Metropolitan area, including Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent and down the line in terms of population to end with Shoreline and Kirkland.

A total of 26 home staging firms appeared and it’s to those 26 that I am sending this email.

Several appeared on the first page for multiple cities.

Of the group, http://www.design-stage.com was most visible, showing up in many cities organic results and in virtually all via pay per click advertising.  While they were highly visible, their website has a fatal flaw, that I will discuss with them directly,

Also doing at least some pay per click advertising were:


Pay per click advertising is the easiest way, to get visibility online for a business. I manage campaigns for a number of advertisers. It’s effective and need not be all that expensive if done correctly.

But there are other ways to be seen online and these include organic search results, and most importantly Google Places and/or Google Plus Business pages.

There is yet another option, that is even more effective, that I call YouTube Video Placement, which trumps all of them, but I will get to that later.

The Most Visible Home Stagers

The following three home staging firms were the most visible showing up in from 5-8 of the communities I searched.


Next Most Visible Home Staging Listings

The next group of firms showed up three or four times in my search through the 15 communities.


Showing Up Once or Twice


Now the Seattle metro area is a large one,and Tacoma and Lakewood aren’t exactly next door to the Everett – Marysville area, so it makes sense that most of you will want to focus your marketing activities to your part of the region.

Seattle Area Map

Now while all of these home staging companies showed up on Google search results, I suspect several of them would have liked to have better visibility. The name of the game is to show up in every town in your market area, and when you show up, to do so in such a way as to grab the searchers attention.

This is where Home Stager A is in direct competition with Home Stager B, even if they are professional friends. While some Realtors, or Home Owners or Builders may check out multiple competing firms, some will only check out one or two, going until they find someone they decide to call.

As a home stager, you want to be sure you are in that list, and if that list is only one or two stagers long, it’s critical that you make into that selection or you will have no chance to land that staging gig.

That’s one of the reasons, my new done for you YouTube video service is so valuable. The thumbnail Google displays on the Search results page all but guarantees that you will be seen, and most likely added to your prospects shopping list.

The video also makes you stand out dramatically, which adds to your credibility as a marketer.

And the approach can be targeted to multiple cities. If you want, we can create videos for all 15 cities the region, or just 2 or 3 to meet your particular market focus.

To learn more about this dynamic new way to market to the Home Staging Seattle area go to: http://homestagingbusinesstips.com/blog or click on online video marketing.



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