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Thinking about home staging as a career. Good idea. It has been a successful path for many people interested in starting a business that uses their talents and “eye.”  But it’s also filled with pitfalls.

The folks who want your tuition money for their classes and certification courses will tell you all the good and great things you want to hear. But not all is rosy.  That doesn’t mean you cannot do well. But it does make sense to do some background checking into the industry and what others who have gone before you discovered as they started pursuing the business.

In June and July of 2008 I did an independent survey of home stagers and asked them questions about how they conducted their business.  While it is now several years later, the issues they faced then, are still relevant to new people starting out today.  I recommend you acquire a copy of the survey results before you take the plunge, so that you are better able to understand some of the issues you are likely to face as a new home stager.

This info will better arm you to ask the right questions and focus on the elements of training that will do you the most good.  For some of you, it may mean you will decide to go a different route.  For others these insights will help you better prepare yourself for a more prosperous career, knowing the issues you are likely to face in advance.

You can get either an executive summary or the entire survey report. I’m geeky and would prefer the entire report. But most people will get the kernels of information just from the summary. It’s your choice.

By the way, if you decide the information in the surveys or summary were not valuable to you and worth at least the price paid, just drop me and email at enetwal@gmail.com and I will refund your money in full. No Questions asked.


Get the Executive Summary of the 2008 Home Staging Survey report.

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Get the Entire 2008 Home Staging Survey Report.
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