New Video For Southampton NY Home Staging Company

Home Staging Video Marketing :  Southampton NY

The newest effort in my ongoing experiment with video marketing for home stagers has just been uploaded to YouTube on behalf of Award Winning Home Stager Allegra Dioguardi of Styled & Sold Home Staging.

The video targets the city of Southampton in The Hamptons, Long Island NY, and features a high end contemporary home she staged last year.

The video mentions Awards she has won that will be familiar to her local market and show a number of before and after pictures, but again, I stress, the purpose of the videos is not just the video itself, but getting the video to appear on the first page of a search for the search term, “home staging Southampton, NY”

This may take a few hours, days or weeks. When it happens, I will post it here.


Well the video has been up for a while now and the good news is that it is ranking at the top of the first page of Google results for the keyword, “Home Staging Southampton NY” in less than 15 hours. It actually showed up in 11 hours, but did not display the video thumbnail right away.  Part of the beauty of this effort is the visibility of the thumbnail and the way it draws visitors eyes to the listing. Thus I don’t brag about the earlier time.

Now let me be clear. It can take days or even weeks to actually appear, depending up0n the market and the competition in any given community, and the ever changing vagaries of the Google gods.

Home Staging Video Marketing Success

Top of Goggle in 15 Hours!

To get your own video and have it ranked on the top of Google for your favorite city or cities go to Home Staging Video Marketing or send an email to with Home Staging Video in the Title .


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