Proof That Online Video Marketing Grabs Eyeballs

Online Video Marketing Grabs Eyeballs

I have been promoting my online video marketing services to Home Staging Professionals and others.  I have claimed that the visibility of the video thumbnail in search results draws eyes to the video. But until now did not have any definitive proof of that fact. Now I do.

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The material below was taken from a blog post on and in turn reported on work done by SEO strategists Matt Green (@MChuckGreen) and John Van Bockern (@JohnEVanBockern) from Ethical SEO Consulting.

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The researchers started with a sample search for New York Accident Lawyer.

An internet savvy group of subjects was given the following task and instructions:

You need to find a car accident lawyer in New York. You Google search “New York Car Accident Lawyer”. Which result do you click first?

Then, the top four results of a Google search page appeared. The first set of 100 respondents saw results below that included no media snippet and looked like this:

Original Test Page

Using heat map technology, the researchers were able to see where the test subjects eyes focused, which not surprisingly confirmed that the top listing was the most likely to get noticed.

Heat Map Without Videos

Heat Map Without Videos

The actual number of clicks received paralleled those results as shown on the pie chart below.

Percentage of Clicks

In the second scenario, the chart was identical, except that the thumbnail of a video was added to the third result. The top listing again dominated, but more attention was drawn down lower on the page.

Heat Map with Video In #3 Position

As seen below, the percentage of people clicking on the top listing dropped dramatically, and the third place listing gained significantly more clicks.

Clicks with Video thumbnail in #3 position

Clicks with Video in #3 position

Now the study goes on to demonstrate that a rich snippet for authorship does even better than video in this particular test. However, as the authors point out, the test has its limitations. Specifically, the test subjects tended to be more internet savvy than the general population, and the results for New York Car Accident Attorney may vary from what searchers might do when searching for a Home Stager in your town.

If you are interested in getting more people to look at your skills when they are searching for a home stager you should consider my Online Video Marketing service.

Not only does Online Video Marketing get more eyeballs, a video provides a great way to tell your story. People are used to watching TV and a well done, short video can be an excellent way to get them to take action and call you.

I can help you rank your own existing video or create one for you. But no matter how powerful your video, or excellent your home staging skills, it will do you no good, if no one see the video or learns about your skills.

And that is what online video marketing can do for you.







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