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I recommend that you eventually learn how to manage and control your own web site, and or have someone you can trust to do it for you. When looking for a web host, I recommend that you find a service that has at least two key features. The first is that they use Cpanel as the control panel on their web site. Most web hosting services appear to offer this, but not all. I like Cpanel as it is easy to learn and use, and you can access it from anywhere.

The second thing I want in a web hosting service is the ability to have multiple web sites on the same web host at no extra cost. Even if you are a one person business, once you learn your way around the mechanics of running your own site, you will soon discover multiple ways you will want to engage the world online.

I actually use two different web hosting services, Host Gator and UMC. I can recommend both. UMC has a few more features, and offers up to 5 urls for a basic account. Host Gator offers an unlimited number of urls in a low cost package.  Either are a good choice. If you think you are going to be publishing product for resale online, the UMC Account has its own affiliate manager which is a definite plus.  It also has an autoresponder, although I have never used it, being a tried and true Aweber user.

UMC is a little more confusing at first because of its various options. And so if you are new and don’t anticipate needing your own affiliate program in the near term you may want to go with Host Gator as I did, and consider a service like UMC when your needs develop down the line.

Host Gator

UMC Web Host

Blog or Web Site

Industry trend is toward the Blog. I would recommend most people set up and operate as a blog. You can have static pages just like a regular web site, and constantly update copy, as you add blog posts.  The more frequent the better.

An active site will bring viewers and Google Bots.

Best Choice for Business Purposes is WordPress. It is free and has lots of support.

You could go with Blogger, but ultimately you are subject to the whim of Google and or successor owners of their Blogger Business. Blogger has its place and you can get indexed quicker just by creating  link in a blogger post. But for something you are going to invest a portion of your life and well being you are better off with WordPress. Plus a WordPress Blog has a ton of possibilities.

Alas that is where the problems begin, for like everything there is a learning curve.  You need to decide on a Theme, and then play with a variety of widgets and plug ins. The variety can be incapacitating for some.

If you have your own server with C-Panel as I advise, the setting up of a Word Press blog is quite easy.  Once the blog is set up, you need to learn how to adjust the settings. There are thousands of different setting and plug in options and WordPress is a constantly evolving with frequent upgrades.

I can’t keep up with it all so I rely on Mike Paetzold, and a couple others to keep me up to date on which plug ins and settings I should use. He experiments and picks items that I use on my blogs and think you would benefit taking his advice also.

He recently prepared a set of videos that walk through the entire Word Press Set up Process in under an hour. It may take you a little longer, but when you are done, your word press will be set up for maximum benefit to your business, and you wont need to go blindly hunting and pecking though the ten thousand different options.  Once you’ve learned how to set up you blog properly, you will easily be able to duplicate the feat on additional blogs. An investment here will save you a lot of time and frustration. Once you get the mechanics down, blogging can be a lot of fun as well as a profitable way to promote your business.

Word Press Made Easy

The main benefit of a blog, is that it encourages you to add new material on a constant basis. Google likes new content, and activity. So by adding new comments, you are actually increasing the chances that your site will be ranked higher in the search engine results.

Staging Your Businesses Web

Presence So People Can Find It.

Word of mouth is your best form of advertising. But when it’s not doing everything you would like it to, you need to market yourself. And the internet is today’s primary vehicle for people to find information about companies they don’t know. When your prospective customer is searching for you, you want to be sure you are there to be found.

Your primary options are paid traffic, using pay per click etc., or Free Traffic. Both may be useful, but its hard to not like free traffic… if you an get it.

Getting Free Traffic Requires that your blog or web page be properly set up for search engine optimization.

You Start with On Page factors, and make sure you have those internal elements of your page set up for maximum effect on the search engines. This include hidden meta tags, and effective use of keywords on the page itself and a couple of related tricks.

In addition to hidden meta tags, there are several visible aspects of your front page that you want to conform to search engine parameters.

In my review of websites, including home stagers and those in many other businesses, I have discovered that the majority of web sites are not properly set up for optimum search engine appeal and this is hurting their owners and in many cases relegating their web sites to the back pages of search engine results where they will never be seen.

I have been offering home stagers and other businesses a service I call my Wart Analysis.

Wart Analysis


s your business website on the first page of Google?
How about Yahoo or MSN?  If it is, you are in business.  But then the
question is, do you have the top listing? Or does that spot belong to
your competitor?

Top Position is a valuable commodity. And while you may still be one of only a few home stagers in your marketplace, there are new stagers starting out every day.

Some markets are very competitive, many more markets including yours may well become more competitive soon as well. That means if you are a home stager, a dentist or a shoe store you need to fight for that top billing.

It starts with making sure your web page or blog is properly set up to attract maximum search engine recognition for the keywords that matter to you.

This includes proper Meta Tags, and other on page factors that help your page get noticed by the search engine.  This involves taking a look at the hidden code that is behind your page, and review aspects of what you have written on your pages without going into the quality of the content, or its design, although we may well have ideas to share from time to time in those areas as well.

Our Wart Analysis focuses on the background mechanics of your page. Once it is properly set up, its up to you to effectively tell your story on the pages.

My current price for this “look under the hood” of your web site is $79 see my sales page: Wart Analysis

As part of the analysis, I review your current meta tags to see if they are doing what you want of them, then I prepare a set of new meta tags for you to insert on your page. Once I have studied your page and prepared my recommendations, I will schedule a 20 minute phone call with you to go over my findings and explain my suggested improvements. If necesary, I will also talk with your computer person so they understand what we want to have done, but my goal is to empower you so that you know what you want and why, so that you can be more effective directing them in the future.

Get Them to do Something

Opt In

Auto Responder

Next to your URL and Webhosting, your auto-responder is most important, maybe even more important must have technology.  I use and recommend Aweber

Email Marketing $19/Month!

Now learning an email marketing system is easy enough, but its just one more thing. I have a number of home staging clients who I host on my auto-responder system. They participate in my Market Maker program. Market  Maker Starts with a WART Analysis as above, and includes development of a light-box style opt in form to capture visitors emails, and a pre-written series of auto responder follow-up emails.


Further Reading

Main Street Rises to the Top of the Search Engines and Why Most Small Bsuiness Web Sites Stink! are my two eBooks that form the basis of my presentation.Each goes into more detail.  For First Time Ever, now offer both of them for a package price of just $17.00.

Main Street Stink

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