Trends: Home Staging Down But Not Out

In the aftermath of the real estate collapse it is not surprising to learn that online searches on Google for “Home Staging” is down as well.

As the following chart indicates interest in home staging peaked in August of 2007 and again in July of 2009. Partial data for March of 2013 puts the level of interest at just 35% of the levels at the peak. The fact that this is up from the 8 year low of 21% in December of 2012, may indicate that the recent rebound in the housing market may be stimulating demand for staging as well.

Interest in

Interest in “Home Staging” over past 5 years

Within the US, the greatest level of interest in Home Staging is coming from Colorado, and from the Denver metro area in particular.

“Home Staging” Interest by State

The following map, shows the hot spots from a metropolitan perspective.

US Regional Hot Spots of Interest in

US Regional Hot Spots of Interest in “Home Staging”

Interest in Home Staging is actually higher in Canada than in the US. There it is most strongly evident in the Province of Quebec.

Canada Provincial Interest in

Canada Provincial Interest in “Home Staging”

And the city of Toronto is the center of that activity, as displayed below.

Canadian City interest in

Canadian City interest in “Home Staging”

With demand down, a significant number of home stagers have exited the market. In my marketing efforts to home stagers, I have run into a number of websites that still show up on the first page of Google Searches for “Home stager X city,” where when contacted I discover the individual is no longer actively pursuing home staging.

For those still active in the field, this lesser competition may be beneficial, but for the individual who understands the value of home staging and is looking for a qualified stager, this can be discouraging.

This is just another small reason why an active stager in a market may want to do something extra to stand out, and why my online video marketing program can be so valuable.

With fewer people searching for staging, you want to capture as many of them as possible. And the best way to do that is to stand out on the search results.


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