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I was able to Rank Allegra Dioguadia’s video “Home Staging Southampton NY 631-899-3305” overnight.  Part of the reason for that success was the fact that relatively few people were targeting the specific town of Southampton.

That is the beauty of going after multiple small markets and essentially using the same video over and over again, with minor variations for different towns or geographies.

In the video below, that is basically all I did. I changed references to Southampton to The Hamptons and made a couple of other minor changes.

The biggest change I actually did make was redoing the description that I put behind the video when I uploaded it to YouTube and the Title Tags I used.

This is more important as YouTube and Google will notice and penalize what they see as duplicate content if it is exactly or substantially the same.

Here is the newest version for The Hamptons.


As you can see, it is essentially the same as the video done for Southampton.

Now one other detail. When you upload a video to YouTube, they give you three choices for the thumbnail. Since we made virtually no changes to the video, we usually get the same choices for the second and subsequent videos. I usually use a different thumbnail, because what will often happen is that both videos will rank for some searches. This doubles the chances that a prospect will watch your video, maybe twice.

Multiple videos in addition to any organic listing you have and perhaps a Google Local listing will make it appear as though you are the dominate Home Stager in your market place in Google’s eyes, and that is credibility that will translate into more phone calls and gigs for you.

Plus, it tends to shove one of your competitors off the first page of Google results. I hope you don’t feel too bad about that.

Update:  It is now five hours since the new version of the video went live, for The Hamptons, arguably a larger and harder geography to rank for.  We are certainly not on the top of the page yet, but we did make it to the bottom of the first page of Google already and are optimistic that we will climb to the top in due course.

Especially now that we have corrected one of the errors we were making in our promotion efforts.

YouTube Video Marketing Home Staging Hamptons Results

First Page, Just Barely, but First Page in 5 Hours!

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