YouTube Video Marketing For Stage It Hawaii

YouTube Video Marketing Goes Hawaiian

We just posted two new videos on YouTube today, for Rein Hollar of Stage It Hawaii.

One Video focuses on Kailua, Hawaii and the other on Hawaii Kai both on the island of Oahu.

Rein Hollar in addition to being a top notch home stager, is also a Realtor who has parlayed his Staging Skills into a major asset to his real estate marketing.

He particularly likes to do vacant properties as he has Oahu’s largest selection of high quality furniture and accent pieces. As shown in the videos, he does high end properties. One of which was a $3.2 million penthouse that was languishing on the market until Rein Staged it.

In Rein’s situation, we are leading with home staging to attract prospects into his listing funnel. The value of home staging is clearly demonstrated and proven with his spectacular guarantee.

If he is unable to sell a property that he stages and lists within 45 days, he reduces his commission from 6% to 5%.

Now that’s a guarantee that says something to prospective sellers.

The two videos are essentially the same, although the careful observer will note that the images are in different order in the two videos. Just part of the effort to make them different enough so they both are able to rank on Google, which is the goal of this project.


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Quick YouTube Video Marketing Success

We didn’t expect it, but managed to get the “Home Staging Hawaii Kai” video to rank #2 on Google within 3 hours. Not too shabby!  Turns out we are also doing pretty well for “Home Staging Oahu” and “Home Staging Hawaii” as well although not on the first page – yet!

Our technique is powerful and effective. If you would like to gain superior visibility in your market be sure to contact us for more information on how we can help you dominate your local home staging marketplace with YouTube Video Marketing.

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